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A cost effective, durable, leak-free solution with reliable service and zero maintenance.

Pexgol’s experience of over 40 years has consistently demonstrated an efficient, robust and genuinely cost-effective pipe system unmatched by HDPE and various other types of plastic pipes recently introduced into the market. The cross-linked molecular structure of our pipes creates a durability that slows crack growth, scratches and point loading. As a result, our pipes can be installed without sand embedding – enabling rapid and cost effective installation-.

International standards allow the coiling of Pexgol pipes in sections longer than HDPE pipes. Our long sections also facilitate faster installation and reduce fitting costs.

Pexgol systems are used for a wide range of infrastructure applications, including: District Heating, Water Line Pipes, Potable Water Lines and Sewerage.

District Heating

Pexgol produces an inner pipe for pre-insulated pipes for district heating systems. The inner pipe is made of Pex-a natural material. The pipe can be EVOH coated in red, yellow, or other colors. Alternatively, it is supplied as a black pipe (UV resistant). The inner pipe can be single, a double-pipe combination, or a four-pipe combination (up to 63mm), according to requirements.

The external corrugated layer is made of UV resistant black material. In cases of above-ground installation in extremely low ambient temperatures, the external corrugated layer can be made of Pex material.

The pipes are supplied with a heat–tracing element on special request.

Field practice for over 40 years has shown that these systems are durable and leak-free, offering cost-effective, reliable service with zero maintenance.

  • Temperature range: -50°C/58°F — 110°C/230°F
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Flexibility (6.5D)
  • pH range 1.0 > 14.0
  • UV resistant
  • Thermal memory
  • Freeze resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Scale resistant
  • Crack propagation resistant

Pexgol NRG Brochure


Water Lines

Pexgol systems offer municipalities a long-term solution for critical water lines. Resistant to corrosion, land instability and weathering, Pexgol durability is well proven.

Long pipe sections allow a faster installation rate and less fittings, contributing to reducing project costs and risk. The system is simple, and most fittings are standard off-the-shelf items, meaning that contractors need to make only minor (if any) transitions in their working procedures.

Pexgol pipes are NOT sensitive to scratches and cracks and they do not need special care during handling. Unlike HDPE or steel, Pexgol pipes do not require sand embedding. Pexgol pipe installation in trenches is simple and easy; it can be immediately covered with the extracted soil. The pipes can be connected in the trench. Pexgol pipe is extremely resistant to mechanical damage or abuse, such as scratches from stones.


Temporary Water Lines

Complete water supply systems and industrial pipelines can be created by combining Pexgol pipes and electrofusion fittings.

Pexgol pipes are the leading pipe in municipal supply lines in Israel and used in the following applications:

  • Main pipe lines
  • Secondary pipe lines for construction
  • Inlet connections in buildings
  • Fire extinguishing pipelines

Fire Extinguishing Lines, including hydrants

Pexgol pipes are suitable for fire extinguishing lines, which must be exceedingly reliable. The obvious requirement in many countries for fire extinguishing pipes is the ability to withstand earthquakes or other ground movements. Due to exceptional strength and flexibility, Pexgol pipes are an ideal solution for this application. The pipes are very resistant to point loading, so they can be laid in the prepared trenches with no need for sand embedding



Pexgol pipes have often been used in pressurized sewer lines due to their excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. The pipes are not vulnerable to H2S gases which might develop and corrupt the inner cement coating of ordinary steel pipes. Pexgol’s extraordinarily smooth surface prevents scale sediments. These pipes have also been laid in gravity sewer lines and sea outfall lines.

Pexgol pipes can be supplied in extra-long sections of hundreds of meters ensuring leakage-free use. These pipes are safe for transporting materials that endanger public health such as sewage. Electrofusion and mechanical connectors both ensure zero leakage. Pexgol flexibility and strength make the pipe resistant to water hammer.

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