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Pexgol pressure pipes for boreholes were developed more than 30 years ago. Flexible Pexgol rising main pipes, in diameters of up to 315 mm, have been installed in more than a thousand boreholes worldwide, designed and manufactured for a minimum lifetime of 50 years. The Pexgol pipes are supplied and installed in a single-length pipe section up to 300 meters.

Using Pexgol pipes for boreholes results in a dramatic reduction of pumping costs. Pexgol has an extremely smooth inner surface, ensuring no inner diameter reduction due to sediment formation or encrustation. Special plastic discharge heads guarantee an end to corrosion and scale build-up. Pexgol is 155 Hazen-Williams coefficient.

Installation is simple and quick—it takes only a few hours, reducing the use of manpower and heavy equipment. Reliable field-proven installation clamps ensure a firm grip of the pipe. These clamps provide a sure grip on wet or oiled pipe surfaces. In addition, attachment of the power cable and Pexgol conduit pipe to the Pexgol rising pipe is easy and efficient, and enables attachment of more accessories. Pipes in the system can be pulled out and retrieved for preventive maintenance as many times as required, without damage.

Advantages of Pexgol Pipes for Boreholes:
  • It combines longitudinal flexibility and radial toughness—easily coiled and transported.
  • Robust with thick walls.
  • Impervious to scratches and pinholes.
  • Always maintains its round shape.
  • Quickly and easily inserted into borehole.
  • Easily pulled out for pump maintenance.
  • Supports total system weight: heavy pump, heavy motor, water column and its own weight.
  • Does not require supporting cables.
  • Available in single piece.

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