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The future of oil & gas transportation

Pexgol natural gas pipelines can be designed based on ISO 14531 PEX pipes for gaseous fluids or the Australian standard: AS 2492.

The main advantages of Pexgol pipes for this application:

  • Maximum service temperature: 60°C
  • Minimum service temperature: – 50°C
  • No sand bedding is needed. Exceptional choice for “no dig” applications.
  • Excellent ESCR
  • Immunity against scratches
  • Superior SCG resistance
  • No RCP failures

Pexgol natural gas pipes are usually connected by electrofusion fittings.

Pexgol pipes show excellent durability to natural gas and LPG so Pexgol is a logical candidate to become the leading pipe for municipal gas supply lines in the near future.

An outstanding advantage over other pipes is in the fact it does not require sand embedding. Simple installation and guaranteed safety make Pexgol pipes the ideal solution for transporting gas.

Pexgol’s molecular structure ensures resistance to stress and cracks, preventing the potentially dangerous leaks of gas. The fittings used to connect the pipes guarantees zero leaks, and the use of long, flexible tubes means there are less connections, eliminating an additional possible source of leaks. As a result of these features, the German and Australian Standards institutes have granted approval to Pexgol pipes for gas transportation.

Currently Pexgol Engineering team is working on the API certification for Oil & Gas transportation.

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